After a hard-partying weekend at Syracuse University, Sophomore student April Stevens and her friends decided to devote Halloween Sunday to watching childhood Halloween specials on Youtube. “We remembered how much we all liked Boy Meets World, so we figured we’d watch its special. We forgot how terrifying it actually is. It shows Feeny with scissors in his back! Scissors!”
   “I thought it was just scary because I was like eight years old when I first watched it, but that’s actually a really well made Halloween special.” Freshman, Harrison Daniels stated, also adding that he ranks it above Hocus Pocus, but slightly below Kenan and Kel’s “Two Heads are Better Than None.” he was also quoted saying that “Jennifer Love-Hewitt is sooo hot.”
   The University is seriously considering blocking access to the episode on Youtube. “It’s caused nothing but uproar and dissettlement all weekend, we’ve had at least 10 complaints about screaming from girls watching the episode. It’s more of a thorn in our side than Four Lokos. Also, if I hear someone sing ‘Welcome to John Adams High, it’s where you’re gonna die.’ one more time I’m going to lose it.” University officials added.