Since our beloved SU football team is 6-2 and resting comfortably at second place in the Big East, Carrier Corp., your “world leader in air conditioners, furnaces, hvac and central air conditioning products, providing air conditioning, heating and refrigeration,” and giant domes, has decided to implement Real3D technology into the stadium.

As if you didn’t already look dashing enough decked head to toe in Orange, you now get to wear those bangin’ shades to every Syracuse game.  You will be able to watch Ryan Nassib throw impressive touchdowns, fifty feet away from you, in THREE D!

New features include: Three Dimensional footballs! Three Dimensional players! Three Dimensional cheerleaders!!<< YES! Three Dimensional Jumbotron with those retro Xs and Os.  And More!!!

The school has already signed three Avatars for the 2011 team in hopes that they will improve ticket sales. Also, they’re fucking fast.

Syracuse Football looks like it will be heading to its first bowl game since 2004.  The future looks promising for the young Orange.  It almost seems as though I can reach out and touch them…