With the news of Emma Roberts and John Cusack filming at
Syracuse University buzzing around campus, many students were interested in
much more than just spotting the two stars. Allegedly, Newhouse student after
Newhouse student have approached the two “Adult World” stars hoping to cast one of
them as the star for their TRF class projects.

One particularly persistent Newhouse student kept asking Mr.
Cusack to do his “best Stevie Nicks impersonation. You know, like in School of
Rock?” before having to have it explained to her by a more intelligent, less
stoned Newhouse student that John Cusack and Joan Cusack were””in fact””not the
same person.

“Having an actual star is pretty much a guaranteed “A.'”
said TRF major, Ashlie Robertson. “I was like, please, John, if you could just
hold a boom box over your head for like 10 seconds I’m guaranteed an A. I know
Emma Roberts isn’t the same thing as Julia Roberts, but like it’s close enough.
She wouldn’t even do her best “Pretty Woman’ impression for me. Guess I’ll just
have to make another documentary about the Mount stairs.”

“Honestly, I haven’t
been asked to “be in a movie’ this many times since my days of living in the
San Fernando Valley.” said John Cusack.