Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim walked to the postgame press conference podium after his reeling team’s 61-39 embarrassment at No. 5 Georgetown Saturday, undid his pants, dropped a steaming, rancid turd just below the microphone, and walked out.


“You want an opening statement?” An irate Boeheim asked as he undid his belt. “Here’s my opening statement.”


A furious Boeheim stormed out of the conference room, coping with his team’s sloppy, embarrassing loss in its last regular season Big East game to its biggest rival. Reporters anxiously tried to scribble down quotes. Writers were elated that the typically prickly and short-winded Boeheim offered them a glimpse into his thought process after the game.


Reporters studied the 32-cubic inch piece of feces, noting its size, color, consistency, and what he may have eaten earlier in the day.


“I’ve never seen him like that, just spilling his soul to reporters,” Washington-based writer Ron Thompson said. “I haven’t gotten a quote like that since he pissed on the microphone in Manley Field House back in 1980.”



Boeheim clenching his face as he pinched one out postgame