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Article by BradBabendir
February 24, 2012

Student section to be switched with visiting section at Faurot Field in 2012

On Monday, Athletic Director Mike Alden announced that, due to MU’s move to the Southeastern Conference, some things had to change at Faurot Field. These changing included moving Marching Mizzou and changing the text in the end zones from “Missouri” to “Mizzou”. While most changes were relatively benign, one change carried a much bigger weight:... MORE »

Article by Shermysherm11
February 7, 2012

Mizzou Also Gets 387th Pick; He deserves recognition too!

Dorial Greene-Beckham, Mizzou’s new football pride and joy, may have gotten most of the recognition, but he wasn’t the only one recently picked up by Mizzou. Mizzou also received the ESPNU’s 387th ranked player, Gene Troust, and he claims he deserves recognition as well. “I have worked so hard to play football in college, and... MORE »

Article by Roy Parker
February 6, 2012

Giants beat Patriots, America Will Now Be Taken Over by Giantland

As Eli Manning held up the Super Bowl trophy and yet another Super Bowl ring was placed on his finger, our fate was sealed. High above in clouds that fill the skies, the inhabitants of Giantland are currently getting ready to descend down upon us and take over our country. America had placed all their... MORE »

Picture by apost
February 6, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Cornell Working to Hire Victor Cruz as Salsa 101 Instructor

Everyone at Cornell (except transfers…how come they get away with this?) has to take two gym classes and a swim test before they are able to graduate. For some reason it is important that we have both academic knowledge and have 6 credits worth of some physical activity knowledge. We are a well rounded university!... MORE »

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Article by LOOklooK
February 3, 2012

One Month Later Emory Still Bitter At BCS

On January 9th, the Alabama Crimson Tide rode an historic defensive performance to a 21-0 rout of the LSU Tigers, and an unquestionable claim to the national championship. One month later, students at Emory are still irked by the stubbornness of the BCS committee. “I can’t believe this,” spoke out one student, who asked to... MORE »

Article by Jonfen
February 2, 2012

Giants v. Patriots: Keys to the Game

Giants -I hear Peyton Manning’s recovered. Get him to play quarterback. Eli’s jersey doesn’t specify which Manning needs to play. -Remind Ahmad Bradshaw that even though he plays for the Giants, the other team will be the same size. -Try the Fumblerooski. This will pay out tremendously. For me. I made a certain, little bet... MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
January 28, 2012

Best College Athletics Commercial Ever

Does your school’s golf team have a girl who hits a golf ball so hard the Eiffel Tower falls over? What about a guy who hits a baseball so far the moon shits itself in terror? No? How about a soccer player who kicks a ball hard enough to explode, then reappear in Italy to... MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
January 27, 2012

Petition for Matthew Broderick to Lip-Sync as Ferris Bueller at the Super Bowl

  Today, one of our writers at Syracuse, Samii Ruddy, asked her Twitter followers: If I started a petition to have Matthew Broderick lip-sync Twist and Shout as Ferris Bueller at the Superbowl halftime show, would you sign it? To nobody’s surprise, like a bazillion people said yes. So now we know you can TALK... MORE »