“I’m a reasonable man. I have no issues with a sorority girl loving her big. I get that it’s the 21st century. I’ll tell you what I do have a problem with: her shoving it in my face, and down my throat.” Said the student who wished to remain anonymous.

“Okay, you love your big. But you want to put that out there for the world—for CHILDREN—to see?”

The student noted that he didn’t have as much of a problem with frat brothers loving their bigs since they weren’t quite as vocal about it. He began to feel animosity toward sorority sisters and their beloved bigs when he got a Facebook page.

“I mean, it’s everywhere! They have their own inside jokes and slang words and it’s all over my feed. I can’t even walk through Walnut park anymore without hearing about it. Listen, I know you love your big and that’s fine. Why can’t you do it in the privacy of your own home.”

The student would not give a statement on the topic of bigs in the military.