U Maryland Gangnam Style

Video by Brian W September 29, 2012

University of Maryland kills it with this amazing rendition of Gangnam Style. MORE »

Article by ncal27
March 27, 2012

Water Balloon Fights Rule

  Water Balloon fights are a time honored tradition that have been happening at daycare centers and camps alike. However the best place to have one is at college when the majority of girls are wearing white tees. I was recently a bystander for one of these amazing spectacles and I highly recommend trying to... MORE »

Article by Rocky
March 17, 2012

Your Professional Guide to Midterms

Finals suck. Everyone spends all week in the library, cracked out on adderall, emailing study guides, drinking energy drinks, cracked out on adderall, downloading new study music, and getting grades that don’t quite cut it (while cracked out on adderall). But the under-the-radar, shittier version of finals is midterms. Why? Because I’ve got shit to... MORE »

Article by Rocky
February 28, 2012

How To Avoid Getting Bandeau Blocked

I know women’s fashion about as well as Lebron James knows championships, but I’m under the impression that these bandeau-things are relatively new. They are slowly creeping into the wardrobes of skinny, hot girls across the east coast and probably elsewhere. Before I explain how they suck more than the entire Colts backup QB’s combined,... MORE »

Article by ncal27
February 22, 2012

No Fun Loh

When Wallace Loh took over as new President of the University of Maryland, few realized his true intentions. It was a relativity smooth transition and Loh got lots of love from all the head flunkies of this establishment. The students were forced to accept someone they knew so very little about as their new supreme... MORE »

Article by ncal27
February 21, 2012

Auntie Anne Makes a New Home in Stamp

When Anne and Jonas Beiler of Auntie Anne’s famous pretzels first bought a stand at a local farmers market in Pennsylvania, they were thinking of starting a counseling service for the locals. After that fell through, it makes more than enough sense that they would then take the most logical next step: start making pretzels.... MORE »