Dunkin’ Donuts by Marshall St.–So you’re a purist, eh? The one in Schine just doesn’t meet all your caffeine-related needs? I bet you complain that the Taco Bell in Kimmel “just isn’t the same.” Well, it isn’t, but it’s not like you’ve ever been there sober anyway.

Starbucks on Marshall St.–Arguably the best cup of coffee within walking distance to campus. Frequented by professors, visitors, sorority girls, and lingered in by Newhouse students who want everyone to see that they are writing a screenplay.

People’s Place–I don’t understand how this place exists. You can get a cup of coffee here for like 50 cents. I’m pretty sure they’ll let you barter, even. I heard of a kid who got a large Austin Powers in exchange for his Calculus study guide. If you came to Syracuse mistakenly believing it was a liberal hipster mecca, this stop may give you hope.

Dunkin’ Donuts in Schine–So you finally did it, huh? Only took you two years. You’ve reached the SU student’s version of Nirvana: the realization that your meal plan your parents most likely paid for can support your brand name caffeine habit. Well done.

Freedom of Espresso–I mean it’s good, but it’s not good enough to hop on the bus between classes to go to Armory Square for. Unless you’re going for the apple cider. Then it’s good enough. Frequented by any and all students with a class at the warehouse downtown.

“I haven’t paid for coffee since I was a freshman because I go to events where it’s offered complementary.”–Whitman should be giving you an honorary degree, you smart shopper. So what if you’ve been to 15 career fairs, converted to 6 different religions, and have sat through every lecture series known to man. You beat the system. Why are you in college with business savvy like that?