April 27th was no ordinary Friday for Katrina Locke; nor was it for any other Syracuse student. It was a very special Friday: the mythical day known as Mayfest. Katrina, a lover of electronic music and raspberry alcohol, had pumped herself up for weeks upon weeks over Mayfest’s arrival.

“This year will be different. This year I will not wake up on Maryland Ave. at 5 a.m., this year I will not funnel hard alcohol, and this year I will NOT pass out and sleep through Block Party.” Katrina wrote in her semi-private online blog in which she uses only her first and middle name to hide her personal life from employers.

However, the Mayfest gods had other plans for Katrina. For Katrina did wake up on Maryland Ave., she did funnel Jose Cuervo, and she certainly did pass out and sleep through Block Party. 2012 marks her third consecutive year of freshman-status displays of alcohol tolerance and her third consecutive year of wasting $20 on the concert ticket.

“At first, I was in denial. I was like no, there’s no way it’s 11 p.m.! My phone is probably broken. It’s probably like 1pm and there’s an extra 1 or something. Then I was mad. I kicked my friend’s bedpost and I yelled some things at freshmen that I’m not proud of. Then I cried. A lot. Mainly on the South Campus bus home because I like to publicly display my displeasure in these types of situations.” said Katrina.

“I think that next year is my year. I’ll be a senior–and everything happens for a reason, you know? I don’t even like Kaskade THAT much. Maybe I’ve just been saving myself for a really special block party. One that has been saving itself for me as well.” Katrina declined to comment on our question “What the hell does that even mean?”