In a strange and surprising turn of events Sunday afternoon, Syracuse
University announced that they would be ‘fixing’ the university in
response to the popular SU memes page.

“We had no idea that tuition was so high. We were positively stunned
when we were informed by Scumbag Steve.” said a representative from
Syracuse University. “I was under the impression that MySlice was a
flawless system that was met with widespread acclaim. I had never heard
any complaints before. You know what I did hear? “Y U NO” guy. He voiced
the students’ opinion in such an eloquent manner–I couldn’t help but

Syracuse University will be eliminating “Out of Service” South Campus
buses, putting an elevator in The Mount stairs, making Watson “less maze
like,” and turning Sadler Dining Hall into a Hard Rock Cafe.

“We didn’t realize there were so many problems at the university. Geez, why didn’t you say anything before now?”