Enjoy having Stir-fry for dinner? Think you can eat it again tomorrow? How about the day after that? And the day after that? How about for a whole week? Junior Peter Shmitt did just that.

Living in Ernie Davis Hall he has officially completed the Syracuse Dining Hall Stir-fry challenge by eating nothing but Stir-fry for a complete week. After losing a bet with his roommate, Shmitt began this seemingly impossible task last Sunday. In the week that followed Shmitt had consumed 45,000 calories and gained no more than 10 pounds.

As you can imagine the effects of this week has taken its toll on not only Shmitt but also his friends. Roommate Chazz Michaels is scared for his roommate, fearing that he has become addicted to Stir-fry and will never go back to his former self.

“Of course there are the differences that you can see, his weight gain, the grease, but there is more than just that. For one, he is constantly hungry and therefore in a bad mood. I mean he’ll eat a plate of Stir-fry and then thirty minutes later complain about how hungry he is. But the worst is how he goes on and on about the different combinations you can make with the sauces. He won’t shut up about that”.

Ahh the combinations. Between General, Dark, Hunan, Sweet & Sour, and Thai Chili. The possibilities truly are endless. Shmitt has contributed this wide selection to his success. Getting a different combination every time so that he would never eat the same dish twice is what kept him going the whole time.

One obstacle Shmitt had to overcome to complete this task was finding ways to keep the streak alive when Ernie Davis was not serving Stir-fry. Shmitt would have to take the bus from his dorm to the Goldstein Student Center on South Campus. This feat will surely stamp Shmitt’s ticket into the SU Dining Hall of Fame as long as he past his upcoming drug test. The drug test is to insure that there has been no doping sauce or foul play involved with this feat.

When asked how for how much longer he thinks he can keep the streak going for he replied, “Until my heart gives out”. Well, at this rate it won’t be too far from now.

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