Last night, the basketball team got off to an expected 1-0 start, destroying Northern Iowa. But today, the boys on the gridiron have their shot. For anyone still not watching the ‘Cuse football team (what is wrong with you?!) the team is playing today at 3:30 against Rutgers.

Why does this matter? Because UConn beat Pitt on Thursday, which means we’re one step closer to winning the Big East. Hell, I’m not even going to school at ‘Cuse anymore and I’m watching the games! And I know you’re sitting there in your underwear, hungover/still drunk and trying to figure out how you woke up in Wegman’s with a half-eaten tray of sushi in front of you.

Hurry up and solve that mystery, Nancy Drew, so you can go home, grab your remote, put on ESPNU at 3:30 and watch our boys kick some Scarlet Knight ass.

Also, let me know if you figure out how you ended up at Wegman’s. I’m curious now.