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Article by AE
March 19, 2012

1,000 Ways to Die in Ithaca, NY

  The administration at Cornell would have you believe that alcohol is the greatest threat to your mortality while on campus, but studies show that this is not true! Here are 1,000 (okay there are actually only 8) greater threats to life and limb, lurking in Ithaca, New York. 8) Falling Ice Every year, as... MORE »

Article by Nicole G
March 17, 2012

How to Hide Pit Stains in Class

After our nearly 70 degree sunny day in Syracuse, it is safe to say that spring is on its way. For the average Cuse Student, this is quite a change of pace. We now have a whole new slew of weather-related issues to worry about. Especially one phenomenon we’ve always been able to avoid: the... MORE »

Article by Alex R
March 17, 2012

Dear Campus Basement readers, you may want to sit down for this

According to weather.com, the forecast for tomorrow includes a high temperature of 62 degrees. Several other weather outlets have been able to confirm this news. As I have learned this information, tears are coming to my eyes. It’s over! The winter is over, the groundhog was wrong. My fellow SU students, we have survived another... MORE »

Article by Eric Pratt
December 1, 2011

Santa Ana Wind Actually Caused By Students’ Screams of Frustration

For the past day and a half, Los Angeles residents have been battered and buffeted by strong winds, with peak gusts near 100 miles an hour.  Many trees fell, and several communities suffered water and power outages. So far, media sources have designated this wild weather as another of the Santa Ana winds, widely considered... MORE »

Article by Leigh
October 27, 2011

Snow.. in October?!?!

Proclamations of shock, distrust, and a hint of sexual frustration were heard across the Cornell campus as, on October 27, snow began to fall.  Barry Valentine ’15 exclaimed, “I can’t believe it’s snowing in Miami at the end of October! What? We’re not in Miami?…. We’re in upstate New York?… oh then this is perfectly... MORE »

Article by Alex R
October 9, 2011

Week in Review

Real World Casting: The hit MTV show “The Real World” came to Syracuse to look for future cast members. Unfortunately nobody that auditioned was New Jersey enough for the show. SU Football: We lost to Rutgers at home and play at Tulane. Where is Tulane anyway? Flu Shots: Health Services is giving out flu shots... MORE »

Article by Klatch
September 26, 2011

It’s Just Too Friggin Hot.

When one thinks of fall, they’ll automatically think of cool air, sweaters, and turning leaves to go along with football, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and another school year. However, this weird concept of “fall” hasn’t quite reached Tallahassee.  As September nears an end and the temperatures are steady in the 90’s, students are slowly starting to... MORE »