Mahwah, NJ – With midterm week violating and disturbing us, it’s SO hard to keep up with things that matter: talking about ourselves on Twitter, calling people ugly on Facebook, getting diarrhea from Birch (wait, we still do that), and finally, following our TV shows. While you’re all “studying”, I’ve been busy slaving over staying up to date with pop culture for you. Even though “New Girl”, “Are You There Chelsea”, “American Idol”, and “Saturday Night Live” all aired this week, I was much more interested inreal television. Here’s what you missed this week in TV:

RCTV broke boundaries with some really cutting-edge material. I didn’t catch the title of the show, but I think it was about time travel. There was this blonde girl talking about eating somewhere, then the same girl talking at a bus stop, and then there she was being blonde again on campus! I was enticed by the gripping plot and journalistic prowess of the show.

Also, I watched a riveting slide show of pictures that ranged from average sporting events, an arch, and photoshopped foliage. It all looked very familiar, but I think I was just having déjá vu. It definitely wasn’t because I had previously skipped over the channel a hefty amount of times. Next, I saw some brunette girl talk about sports, but I couldn’t hear anything she was saying. It was great! At first I thought I she was mute, then I realized it was just a stylistic, artful audio choice. One channel that really caught my attention had a marathon running all week. It was a blank picture that just said “RCTV-8”. There’s something about a plain white background and silence that really dazzles me. In other news, there was a snowstorm of sorts on channel 10, channels 17, 19, and 62 went missing, and I couldn’t pass channel 64. My eyes eventually grew sore from watching too much state-of-the-art programming, so I just decided to go back on Twitter and talk about myself.

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