If you’re a student at Ramapo College, you’ve at least heard of the infamous Daily Digest, a daily newsletter sent out to the entire student body via email. Popping up around 3:00am, the overloaded, unimportant press is better known for being instantly deleted than actually read.

Ramapo Basement has made it their goal to become more popular than the Daily Digest, and the stats are in: After being live for just a few weeks, Ramapo Basement already has a readership nearly 107 times that of the Daily Digest..

It turns out that this was no feat at all. Ramapo Basement had 107 readers since launching, while the Daily Digest merely has one reader…and that person is also the writer of the newsletter.

We were going to take it to the streets to get a response from students regarding which they prefer: Ramapo Basement or the Daily Digest, but we already know the answer.

So suck it, Daily Digest, we’re better.