Mahwah, NJ- Tragedy has fallen upon the parks service of Mahwah as Bryce Sheehan, a blind Ramapo student, has wandered into the depths of the Ramapo Reservation.

Bryce was last seen with his seeing-eye dog Charlie on Thursday morning. That night Charlie returned home to rest, unaccompanied by Bryce.

Locals say they saw the boy in the woods and found it seemingly odd that he was going so deep into the woods.

“Damn kid just kept walking” said Gorb Wallaby, a local vagabond. “I done told the kid he gon get himself killed.”

The search continues throughout the woods as cold weather and cliff faces pose danger to the blind kid.

“If we don’t find him in the next two days then he’s as good as dead.” Said the police sergeant. “To find him would truly be blind luck (laughter)”