Mahwah, NJ – A surge of Ramapo College memes exploded on Facebook two weeks ago, immediately earning the Facebook page over 1,000 fans. This was a crucial moment in Ramapo history, as it was the most student participation the college has ever seen. However, in true Ramapo tradition, all forms of fun shall eventually be excommunicated; the memes mysteriously died soon after their birth. Rumor has it President Mercer was behind this memeslaughter. Allegedly, Merc-dawg made a
bunch of fake Facebook accounts and placed tons
of incorrectly used, painfully unfunny memes on the Facebook page, instantly ruining the students’ fun. Let us all have a
moment of silence for the memes and honor the 5 Best Ramamemes. Let us also point and laugh at the 5 Worst Ramamemes and post commentary on their level of intelligence, or lack there of.








1. The real conspiracy here is WHAT ARE YOU SAYING THE CONSPIRACY IS?

2. This would have been funnier if the creator left it at “I signed up for a WRPR Radio show”.

3. You’re probably 1 of 10 people that do that.

4. Why would anyone make a meme to declare that they don’t know anything about what they’re making a meme about? Leave.

5. So this meme just takes the exact line from the movie and adds the word “Ramapo” in front of it. Ramapo Creativity at its finest.

R.I.P. Ramamemes.