Toronto, Canada- First, Jay-Z stops using the word bitch
because he has a daughter and now Drake pledges to stop saying the N word.

Drake was recently reminded by his friend and colleague Lil
Wayne that he is not completely black and that some people may take offense to
his excessive use of the N word. “His complexion is light and he can’t dance
for shit, I’m not sure why he thought he could get away with it,” Lil Wayne
proclaimed. “It’s a miracle he hasn’t gotten shot.”

Drake, fearing for his safety, has decided to stop using the
N word. “I am deeply sorry if I offended anyone. From now on I will refrain
from using racism,” Drake said in front of a small group of trusted reporters.

Since the release of his album, Drake has received nasty
letters and death threats. For the next several weeks, Drake will stay housed
in an anonymous underground (kings) location until things calm down. It is
presumed that people will forget about Drake once Eminem releases another