MAHWAH, NJ – Ramapo College’s President Mercer is reportedly “pissed” at Korean pop sensation, Psy, claiming that his hit song, “Gangnam Style”, was stolen from Mercer himself. The President came directly to Ramapo Basement to set the record straight and spread the word that “Gangnam Style” was his idea first: it was originally called “Mercer Style” and was about white people.

Mercer was quoted saying that he was trying to cheer up his students by creating a dance move that would appeal to the majority of the campus, the white people. The move was described as a a mixture of the Michael Jackson Crotch-Grab and a Heaven Thrust, followed by a lengthy play on The Dirty Sprinkler.

Mercer further explained, “but then I went to this Asian-Pacific Lecture by one of Ramapo’s Korean professors, Bum Bum Pao, and I realized our campus needed a little cultural infusion, which is when I re-dubbed ‘Mercer Style’ as Wangnam Style. Get it? Wang? The Korean word for dick?” Furthering these shocking accusations, he stated, “by the time my black producer, Big K-Kay, finished the track, and we were prepping for the music video, Psy’s version was already sweeping the web! I swear that Korean professor leaked it…”

An outrage! When we asked President Mercer how he planned to solve this unfortunate pickle, he said, “They tried to copy my swagger, I’m on that next shit now. I gotta get that Bum Bum Pao.”

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