Mahwah, NJ ““ Sadly, the beginning of March always means the end of Black History Month. Don’t get too choked up, there are other
things to celebrate: After-Leap Day, Justin Bieber’s birthday, and last but not
least, Diversity Week! In honor of the close of Black History Month, Ramapo College
will be celebrating ALL diversity this week ALL over campus. Public Safety is opening
the campus gates even more than usual, and the college will be saturated with culture. Take a look at the list
of fun, diverse activities you can indulge in during Diversity Week (March 1 ““

D-Lot’s Terrorist Meet & Greet

Come hang with “unofficial” Al Qaeda members and learn what it’s like to blow yourself up. At this event, students can find out what it’s like to passionately hate Americans. Free giveaways include small, homemade bombs.

ASB’s Hall of Ignorance

ASB will be offering an
experience like no college has seen before. Take a stroll down the Hall of
Ignorance and learn about stereotypes, how to offend people by misunderstanding
their culture, and how to get famous on YouTube for acting like a complete ignoramus.
Free Moe’s will be offered as well as sacks of gold, stolen items,
calculator/violin packages, fake green cards, and curry.

Linden’s Guido Italian Exhibit

This weekend, get ready for the biggest Rama-dance party of the year! Ramapo students will gather in Linden and just be themselves! After all the culture shock of Diversity Week, you’re gonna need some normalcy. There is a small entrance fee of one condom – we can’t have more Snooki’s getting pregnant. 2012 is supposed to be the Zombie Apocalypse, not the Guido Apocalypse. So bring a bad attitude and get ready to throw the fuck down.

Spiritual Center’s
Murder Fest

Learning to appreciate diversity means learning to accept everyone – even murderers! Come out and get educated on the art behind manslaughter. Famous murderers will be released
from jail and welcomed on campus because P-Safe definitely won’t ask their
names at the gate. “Just dropping off!! “¦BODIES”!

So, if you’re trying to
get on campus this week, public safety will definitely let you in. It’s
Diversity Week!