Bow ties are his thing. They always have been. Ever since President
Mercer was a young boy he always rocked red bow ties to school. He always
thought he looked great, while sporting the latest fashion trend. He even kept
that belief once he was elected president of Ramapo College, hoping that if he
kept wearing his red bow tie with confidence that members of the student body
would soon follow.

To Pete’s surprise over his seven year reign as president,
not one single person has been caught on campus in a red bow tie. Beginning
early next week, President Mercer will be wearing a new color bow tie in hopes
of inspiring groups of students to follow along.

“I know the bow tie looks great so it must be the color”,
Mercer said in an exclusive interview with the Ramapo Basement staff. “It’s
just unfortunate I won’t be able to represent Canada through the color of my
bow tie.” Mercer also thought that the trend of being completely insensitive to
students’ wellbeing would catch on as well. After realizing that wasn’t the
case, he decided to try a completely new approach”¦”¦killing four students a day