In an effort to get students in shape and motivated, the Bradley Center staff has imposed a new goal for students.

As we all know, the rock wall is not visited very often. Most students walk right past it on their way to the gym, sometimes saying “I’d like to try that sometime.” Yet, it never happens. By the time the gym session is over, students just want to shower or eat.

Now students can use their last wind and get a delicious treat. The Bradley Center will be suspending hotdogs from the top of the rock climbing wall as a motivation for students.

“Not only will it give the healthy students a re-boost of energy, it’ll make the overweight students yearn to reach the top” Said a Bradley Center Official.

When students prepare themselves to climb the wall, they must now declare “I’m Feeling Meaty” as both a self-esteem boost and a hilarious pun!

Sure, this method may seem unorthodox, but this might be just what the school needs to promote health and fitness.