Angela Zhou, a Senior at Ramapo College has fulfilled her
experiential component requirements in quite the peculiar way. She gave birth
to a beautiful daughter!

It all started back in July on a drunk night.

When arriving at school in January she was bursting at the seams.
“I knew this bastard child would be popping out soon”
She convinced her teachers to count giving birth as experiential.

“The best way to experience giving birth is to actually give
birth” said her biology teacher. Startling news to those of us who thought
watching a movie might give us the same experience.

“It really hurt” said Angela, “I’ve felt some crazy things before
(once again referring to that drunk night in July) but I’ve never felt
something like that!”

Angela was asked to write 3 papers and give one speech for her
experiential components.

Best of luck to both Angela and her newly made gaping-vagina.