It was a miraculous day on Ramapo Campus when Brandon Walsh, a Senior Communications Arts Major, visited the library for the first time.

“I couldn’t believe how many books were in there,” said Walsh in an interview. “I heard about libraries before, I had one in my elementary school, I guess I never really thought about one at a college.”

Spectators told stories of Brandon’s astonishment and uneasiness. “I saw him walk in and his face turned pale. He looked confused and bewildered.”

Brandon stopped to make sure the fire alarms wouldn’t go off when he opened the door to the staircase. “It’s horribly marked! Can I go down there or do I have to find another way down?”

He ended up near the periodicals section, known by the campus as a confusing way to find documents. One would think there would be easier ways to find 50 year old articles on outdated theory.

“I gotta tell you, I almost walked right out. I got a hold of myself, took a deep breath, and continued into the abyss.” said Brandon. “I got a book and I might even go back!”

To Brandon’s surprise, he has already accumulated a hefty late fee on his book without knowing it.

Brandon checked out the book “Everyone Poops”.

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