On Wednesday, The Daily Californian reported that UC President Mark Yudof has implemented a plan that will ban smoking on all University of California campuses within the next two years.
While many students, some in the video featured here, expressed outrage at the banning of a legal substance, others expressed gratitude for the new law.
Said Margaret Polanski, a junior non-smoker at UC-Irvine, “I think the rule is amazing! Smoking is disgusting. I made out with a guy who smokes once. Gross! It’s like, have you heard of Listerine?”
Others are excited about the ban’s opportunity to provide a better world for UC students.
“No smoking means cleaner air,” said sophomore non-smoker Isaac White. “Cleaner air means more bunny rabbits running around, students being nicer to each other, everyone getting along, smelling flowers together, and really just a better world.”
White also went on to claim that smoking bans will end other world problems like, “terrorism and racism and the existence of the Real Housewives,” before driving away in a Hummer H2 with the air conditioning cranked.