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MAHWAH, NJ – In an effort to make your winter break even better Student Affairs is holding a “Forget This Stuff” workshop in Friends Hall this Friday at 7pm. The event brings together all the frustrating things about Ramapo College life and lets you do them one last time just to remind yourself how much you won’t miss it.

Fifteen Minute Birch – You are served a small serving each of a typical Birch breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The workshop staff chooses the worst of the rubbery meats, wilted vegetables, and bland sauces. As an added bonus you get to relive expelling Birch from your body a few hours later.

Crowded Hallway Walk – Students race to see who can make it from A Wing to Friends Hall the fastest while avoiding running into other people. You’re given a fully-loaded backpack and we make sure to pack the hallways tighter than Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

Printer Scavenger Hunt – You know how it is at the end of the semester. E Wing and Library printers are always broken on the day your paper is due. Only printer will be working somewhere on campus. So you get to relive finding a working one, waiting in line for a computer, waiting for Windows to log you in, and waiting in line again to release to use the print terminal all while trying to not be late for class.

Professor Condescension – We bring in the oldest, crankiest lecturers and put them in a classroom and tell them to talk about students. You’ll never want to hear the phrase, “You know, the problem with you kids these days is…” again.

A raffle will be held at the end for rolls of Ramapo toilet paper so you can bring the feeling home.