Weekdays between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm, Ramapo’s sole express dining facility, the Atrium, also known as the Payment Cafeteria, or Pay-Caf, experiences an influx of students. While eating lunch between class, one can be certain that they will be surrounded by a mixed bag of demographics that they wouldn’t ordinarily come in contact with.

There is, however, one especially noticeable gang that walks the Atrium corridors at this time: hot girls. And a shit ton of them.

Ever wonder why you enjoy your midday meal amongst a buffet of equally satisfying eye candy, but then never see them again? Each class you have, each campus club you go to, each party you attend, that thirst to interact with (or stare at) beautiful women is rarely quenched. But then you think, “No, wait, hot girls definitely go to Ramapo, I saw them at the Atrium between class.”

That’s right, friend, you did. You did see hot girls at Atrium. But what you’re missing is that these hot girls are not students at Ramapo, or anywhere. These hot girls are, in fact, paid models, hired by the school.

On Monday, March 12, 2012, Ramapo’s Student Engagement Coordinator Paul Belluccio was arrested on charges of fraud and misconduct in his attempt to trick prospective students into thinking that Ramapo was a hotbed for attractive women. Though he would not comment, it is speculated that Belluccio was doing this to manipulate more students into living on campus and for his own sick personal gain. Belluccio had been using Ramapo funds to pay these models, later offering them additional pay in exchange for giving him sexual pleasures.

If you’re a student at Ramapo or considering going here, don’t worry, the girls really aren’t that beat. In fact, we boast plenty of girls that manage to peak well beyond the line of mediocrity (especially on Tuesday and Thursday nights). Just remember, if you see a 10 as often as a North Korean schoolgirl experiences oppression, she most likely doesn’t go here.


*story idea by Evan W.