Growing frustration concerning a healthy student lifestyle has finally been halted. In an effort to monitor all activity on campus, Public Safety in accordance with the College Council have issued plans to place security cameras inside the dorm rooms. This act was approved as part of a Ramapo-wide movement titled “healthy habits”.

“For too long, the student-life at Ramapo College has dealt with unhealthy habits.” said the head of student affairs. “The students drink soda and alcohol, they stay up late, they have friends from outside of Ramapo coming to visit. They should be studying and getting a good night sleep.”

The plans include a camera in each living room and bedroom on campus. The idea is to monitor dorm rooms to check for unhealthy habits. Security was given a checklist of high-risk unhealthy behaviors which include monitoring dorms for congregations of students and watching cameras when students come home with groceries.

“We are told to respond to any camera where students are watching TV for long periods of time or hanging out for more than an hour.” Said a Public Safety Officer.

The cameras will also be used to halt all parties on campus and will do well to provide monitoring on dry dorms. The bedroom cameras will be used to watch sleeping habits and eliminate risky behaviors. “If a couple is not seen using proper protection we are told to break up the intercourse immediately.”

You’d think they’d knock first, but as part of their protocol, Public Safety are told to bust in without warning. “It’s part of the learning element. We can’t just ask them to practice safe sex, we must force them.”

While some students believe this act will invade their privacy, others have confidence in the healthy habits movement. One dean’s list recipient had this to say, “We’re in college to learn and become intelligent adults. I’m glad that I can finally have the guidance needed to promote a healthy lifestyle.”