The day started like any other for SU economics junior Sara Wyann, when
after exiting from her 8am class in Huntington Hall, stopped in the
Marshall St Starbucks for a grande gingerbread latte. As Wyann went to
pick up the holiday cup latte, she faced the barista
responsible for making it and made her nearly fatal mistake:
She thanked him for it.

There was a moment of eerie silence that followed, Wyann says. “Suddenly
it seemed everyone in Starbucks was blatantly staring at me. I wasn’t
sure what I had done to be shunned like that.”

“She thanked him for her drink. Who does that?” says SU senior history major, Dan Spirovich. “Seriously though. WHO does that?!”

“I just kinda figured, yknow, she isn’t an SU student if she says thank
you,” says Syracuse native Jamie Landon, an employee of one of the
Marshall St eateries who witnessed the Starbucks event. “I mean, maybe
an ESF student, or LeMoyne, or OCC, or Upstate…but
not SU.”

“Are SU students supposed to inherently lack manners?” Questions Wyann
at the reaction of her peers. “I guess I missed that memo.”