Alex Trebek has announced if the misrepresentation doesn’t stop he is going to be suing any TA that plays the game “Jeopardy” in their section to either prepare for an exam, or just because they couldn’t think of anything else to do during class.

Trebek refused to make a statement to us, but it is obvious as to why he would want to sue. The TAs at Cornell blatantly use the name Jeopardy and then proceed to butcher the game. It is a miss representation of the game show. They never do it right, always forgetting to answer in the form of a question. It is the main staple of the game, don’t call it Jeopardy is it’s not, that’s fucked up.

Additionally the purpose of Trebek’s game show is to educate and boast the intelligence levels of their guests. While, the game in sections are pointless and don’t teach anyone anything.

Instead of destroying a well-known, family game show administrators and professors are encouraging TAs just to host review sessions and answer questions posed by students. Currently this is exactly what the teaching assistants do, but they call it “Jeopardy”….but not anymore.

This is disrespectful to Trebek who created a name for himself and the show. It is a brand and Cornell needs to stop slaughtering it. It has pissed off Trebek and if anyone has ever seen Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL you know that this is not a good idea…and if you don’t, just ask Sean Connery.