On Tuesday, the Syracuse ROTC declared war on Otto’s Army. The rift between the two factions has been growing in recent years, and last week, tensions became too much to bear when Otto’s Army invaded the Carrier Dome, neglecting the Orange Treaty of 1928.

“They’ve been warned time and time again about invading things on campus,” said Captain James Ford. “First, it was Schine, now the Dome. We can’t just sit idly by while this renegade army goes around invading things!”

This is the first time that the two sides have sparred since the ill-fated Battle of Manley Field House in 1927, when 19 Otto’s Army soldiers invaded the south campus stands to watch an indoor soccer game and were shot and killed by the ROTC. The 19 soldiers killed during that massacre are still honored today with T-shirts that read, “Real Fans Bleed Orange.”

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