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Article by Cailin Lowry
October 1, 2012

USCaffeine, Midterms, 90s Movies

It’s midterm season, ya’ll. (I’m allowed to type ya’ll, I was born in North Carolina). You know what that means? All-nighters, dark under eye circles, growing hatred for your field of study… All that good stuff! You know what helps ease the pain/makes the nights spent in Leavey kind of better? Caffeine! Oh, caffeine, you’re... MORE »

Article by eeeeeeeee2
February 20, 2012

After dining hall prices increase, students expect Marshall St cuisine in Ernie Davis

If you thought school was expensive when you enrolled at Syracuse University, think again – the prices have just gone up. Meal plans are slated to average $3,120 per 14 week semester for the 2012-2013academic year. “I did the math,” sophomore Jeremy Lukeidis said. “If I could spend the money on the food I want... MORE »

Article by Nicole G
December 5, 2011

How to Navigate Marshall Street

Marshall Street, a Syracuse student’s off-campus paradise, is littered with obstacles for the uninformed. As a senior and veteran Marshall Street navigator, I feel obligated to guide you through this tricky terrain. Here are the most common Marshall Street hurdles, and how to safely steer around them. Gertis, Beggar in the Wheelchair: Slogan: A rustling... MORE »

Article by Daniel T
October 11, 2011

Dunkin’ Donuts Closes; Students Despair

A shortage of orange straws caused Dunkin’ Donuts in the Schine Dining Center to shut down today, throwing the Syracuse University student body into a state of mass panic. The popular on-campus establishment closed at noon following its inability to provide the straws, leaving students confused and unable to cope with its unexpected closure. “I’m... MORE »

Article by eeeeeeeee2
November 22, 2010

SU student ostracized after saying Thank You to Starbucks barista

The day started like any other for SU economics junior Sara Wyann, when after exiting from her 8am class in Huntington Hall, stopped in the Marshall St Starbucks for a grande gingerbread latte. As Wyann went to pick up the holiday cup latte, she faced the barista responsible for making it and made her nearly... MORE »