I don’t know a lot about sports. I get
the gist of it, but beyond that, the hype and the hoopla usually bore

That being said, I support our
basketball team as much as the next orange-clad fan and attend the
games, yell Scoop’s name, and jump for joy when we beat the shit out
of the Hoyas and the Louisville bastards. Excitement is contagious
and I am not immune when it comes to support for the Orange.

Now that being said, our excitement as
a school is a little flawed. Anyone who has either diligently watched
college sports games on ESPN or had the privilege to attend games at
other top sports team schools can probably pick up on what I am
referring to. Having just witnessed our fandom at two of our most
important Feb games, Rivalry Week’s UConn and Georgetown, suffice to say we have a
major problem:

Coordination. Listen, I know what
you’re thinking. Actually, I just assume you’re confused so let me

Have you ever seen other schools
chant/sway/sing/holler/cheer for their school? If you did, it
probably looks like this:

What do we look like?


Source: Syracuse.com Blog


We don’t know our chants, the band
seems to confuse us, and we remain uncommitted in our cheers. Did you
see our fan section in Louisville, an undoubtedly historic game? We
can’t even finish a DE-FENSE without our easily-distracted selves
losing volume mid-word and focusing instead on determining which race
Brandon Triche is. Maybe it’s too much neon. Perhaps our efforts to
orange out the dome have in fact created a staggering inability to
commit to any one cheer or song so we instead appear as bewildered
citrus fruit-colored adolescents clinging from one unfinished sports
chant to the next.

We need some type of cohesive Orange
salute ““ an ode to our record-breaking season perhaps? A collective
yell of support to Boeheim? A song we could all possibly know or at
least sway in time to? All I’m saying is, we’ve got one hell of a
team, and a season that could lead us to New Orleans come March
Madness. If only we could cheer in sync about it.

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