“I was having the time of my life, yknow? Off on the beaches of Puerto Rico, thinking all these inevitably gorgeous pictures I am taking will surely come out wonderfully…And then, I looked back at them and I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

What junior Felicity Coughman is describing is a recent affliction among iPhone/iPad and Facebook users and what is colloquially called, Instacrap (adjective), the feeling one incurs from the disappointment of the visually-altered photos. “It’s just like…I was expecting to show them off to friends but I got so busy uploading them all to Instagram, I didn’t realize how I’d blend in with the sand in almost every photo. Def felling Instacrappy.”

The condition has produced numerous side effects and symptoms. Non iProduct users have cited the recent increase of popularity among the application on Facebook as “damn near palpable,” one student said. “I kept thinking, surely this style of photos will subside and prove to be a short-lived trend right? I mean, the hipster look is so passe, right? Wrong.” Sophomore Jason Rhine says as he uploads more photos to the app on his phone.

Additionally, Instagram users have cited “perpetual confusion” over blurred and washed out pictures that have made them feel “undoubtedly Instacrappy.” A possible benefit of these photos could be to avoid employers being able to recognize specific employee candidates on Facebook due to the low quality profile pictures, but little comfort for those feeling the burden of Instagram.