“She won’t stop singing,” says Maxwell Tully, junior in Whitman and boyfriend of Rachel Lough who recently purchased a boombox circa 1997 and the original Titanic soundtrack and has been belting Celine Dion for the past two weeks straight.

“I clearly couldn’t use my iPod,” Lough says, “they didn’t exist in 1997 – YOU’RE HEEERREEE! THERE’S NOTHING TO FEAR! YOU ARE SAAAFE, IN MY HEART AND, MY HEART WILL GO-”

I'm flying...again

“See?” Tully comments, while forcefully stopping the boombox and physically restraining Lough.

Students across campus are gearing for the 3D re-release of the mega Blockbuster hitting screens nationwide this week, with Syracuse’s dose hitting the Carousel first tomorrow night (Tuesday 4/3) at 6:30pm. The mall has prepared for the droves of Leo DiCaprio fans by watching reruns of “The Walking Dead” and reorganizing the movie theater entrance like a barrack.

“We didn’t want to take any chances,” says Carousel movie theater employee Mark Holley after citing several students already camping out for the movie around the theater’s perimeter.

Students have been seen on campus getting more excited by the day for the re-release by continuously Googling Kate Winslet’s hairstyles, John Williams music, how to make their own Heart of the Ocean necklaces, and ways to incorporate the words “extraordinary” and “absurd” into their otherwise banal student lingo a la` the shitty writing of James Cameron.