If you thought school was expensive when you enrolled at Syracuse University, think again – the prices have just gone up.

Meal plans are slated to average $3,120 per 14 week semester for the 2012-2013academic year.

“I did the math,” sophomore Jeremy Lukeidis said. “If I could spend the money on the food I want to eat, I could buy roughly….a shit ton of Wings.”

The new value averages $223 per week, or, in hypothetical graph terms:

Or, for the graphically-challenged, you could consume an Alto Cinco burrito, Jimmy Johns sandwich, Starbucks latte, and bottled beer from Chucks every day for the entire semester and still have enough money left over to get completely hammered on every Flip Night even if you lost every time.

Now, I don’t like to pick on SU.

LOL JK I love doing so.

But suffice to
say, this Mastercard commercial won’t end with how “priceless” dining hall experience can be. Remember the day you couldn’t find anything to eat in Sadler and settled for a bagel and glass of milk for lunch? Or, that one time you walked into Shaw to only find stale french fries left from the lunch crowd? Those two meals cost you $13 each and had you paid for them out of pocket vs your meal plan, would have cost you $18 each.

Fuck this, I’m transferring to a SUNY.

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