Syracuse Freshman, Zach Hillburg was more than shocked when he received the results of his last COM 107 exam this week.

“I didn’t study at all, right? So I thought I’d just answer D to everything and I’d have a guaranteed 25%. I figured it was a foolproof plan so I just went ahead and did it, I didn’t even really look at the questions and then I left. I mean the professor gave me a weird look, but I figured it was because I’d finished so early.”
This is a strategy that has been employed successfully(well, as successful as 25% can be considered) by many Syracuse students and has gone off without a hitch. Until now. When Hillburg received his results he was shocked and dismayed by the results that stared back at him. He had received a 0%.
“Impossible!” Hillburg shouted, “I couldn’t have possibly missed every single question, this is bullshit!”
The CampusBasement staff took it upon ourselves to do a little sleuth work, so we paid a visit to Hillburg’s COM 107 professor, Louise Lowman.
“Yes, I’ve heard of that trick.” Lowman responded when asked about students picking just one answer throughout the entire test. “I’ve found that it typically works best when the exam isn’t comprised completely of essays.”
Mystery solved, gang.