Picking classes at SU is a skill. Yes, some luck plays a role but ask any upper classman and they’ll tell you that preparation is key. So your friends at Campus Basement have complied a list of the five best classes to take next semester. If you can somehow take all five of these classes in one semester than you, my friend, have the greatest schedule known to SU.

1) Physical Education (PED) 223 Underwater Photography
I mean it’s a class that’s underwater. Do you know how many times I have wished that my classes were underwater? The benefits that this class offers cannot be compared to any other class on campus. It is important to note that the perquisite for this class is PED 221, Scuba.

2) Chemistry (CHE) 546 Molecular Soectroscopy and Structure
I don’t really know what this class is on but it sounds really easy. I mean, like a walk in the park.

3) Child and Family Studies (CFS) 325 Introduction to Child Life
Judging by the title I think that this class is about reliving memories from when you were a child. So, get out your old toys.

4) Health and Wellness (HTW) 301 Holistic Healing Practices
I bet that if you take this class you can do more to help your roommates with their health problems than the Health Center ever could.

5) Hospitality Management (HPM) 422 Wine and Beer Appreciation
I think the fact that you must be 21 years old is enough to justify why you should take this class. Anyway, homework for this class is a breeze. I can tell you from experience that having a fake will not get you into the class.

Share your opinions in the comment section, which are the best classes in SU to take.