No, seriously! Syracuse is playing in the Pinstripe Bowl!

After countless losing seasons, the Orange are bowl-bound. Huzzah! On Thursday, December 30, ‘Cuse will take on a Big 12 team in their first bowl game since 2004. So, when I said earlier (two sentences ago) that there had been “countless” losing seasons, I actually meant “five” losing seasons. But five and countless are pretty close in number.

Daryl Gross, Doug Marrone, and Hal Steinbrenner are excited that Yankee Stadium will be hosting Syracuse’s first bowl game in a while, with Marrone saying that the opportunity to play in his hometown is “part of the whole dream.”

Believe me, all of us have been dreaming that Syracuse make a bowl game. If we had to watch Greg Robinson opt to punt on third down one more time…well…I don’t know what we’d have done. Probably just made more anti-Greg Robinson T-shirts or something. Then again, they worked, because he got fired!

So, for all of you who live in the New York area, or even those who live in (dare I say it?) New Jersey (gasp!), don we now our Orange apparel and head to the Bronx on December 30th. Fa la la la etc. ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Plus, Nunes Magician has started scouting out ticket prices, and they’re not so bad!