Never before has Olin Library, or Cornell for that matter seen anything like this before! Finals week comes with its fair share of crazy, but this shit is just silly….I thought the Orgo final already happened?

Nonetheless, this is a real image and the made-up story goes as follows:

Once upon a time there was a Cornellian who could no longer stand the silence and anti-social environment of the library and the monotony, annoyance and intensity of finals. Having developed growing feelings of  delirium, anger and stress, the student got out of their seat and began to walk. They packed up their things, put on their coat, and walked straight as if being controlled by a remote. Straight towards the exit of the library. On-lookers tried to stop the crazed student, but their attempts failed. It was too late. The student had walked directly through the glass door of the library. Only then, when the body finally became exposed to the freezing cold air, did the student stop. They turned around, saw the damage and ran. Ran as fast as they could. And that was the tale of the night in Olin when a student was owned by finals.

Stay sane.