1.)  Leggings with boots- A quick, comfy way to bundle up for winter is to find a pair of basic leggings and throw on a pair of your cutest boots. This look is so popular right now you won’t be able to turn the corner without finding someone who looks just as cute as you do.

2.)  Leggings with boots- If you’re sick of being restricted by bulky winter bottomwear, then try a nice pair of leggings. Top the whole look off with a pair of boots, ideal for walking on snow and walking on not snow.

3.)  Leggings with boots- Tired of wearing the same thing as everyone else? Try out leggings and boots. There are so many different ways to express yourself with them, leggings coming in colors ranging from black to dark grey, boot styles varying between below the knee and above the calf, it is literally impossible to see the same combination twice.

4.)  Leggings with boots- For days when you notice that your ass is looking particularly bodacious, step into a pair of leggings. As for shoes, there is any number of options, but it is probably in your best interest to go with boots.

5.)  Leggings with boots- Spice up another ho-hum Wednesday by going to class in leggings and boots, also known as the perfect mid-week outfit.

6.)  Leggings with boots- If you’re too hungover on Sunday to put on pants, but you really need to go to church because of all of the unmentionable things you did last night, a good idea would be to wear leggings and boots, also known as the perfect weekend outfit.

7.)  Leggings with boots- Going from Jazzercise class to the library in a hurry? Just wear leggings and stuff a pair of boots in your locker. No need to carry those sweaty tennis shoes around either, just throw them out because you will probably just want to wear leggings and boots for the rest of your life.

8.)  Leggings with boots- Black is the new black and leggings are usually black, heretofore, you will be a fashion maven if you wear leggings and boots. There is no need to research any of the top designer’s winter lines—they’re all leggings and boots.

9.)  Leggings with boots- Do you have legs? Do you have feet? Then congratulations, you meet all the criteria for this winter’s hottest style, leggings and boots. If you don’t have legs or feet, you can probably wear leggings and boots too, they’re just that versatile.

10.) Leggings and boots- Look around everyone is wearing leggings and boots. Jump on the bandwagon, there is tons of room because nobody is wearing actual pants.