Having recently spent a week in Utah, I noticed that the culture was incredibly different than that of New Jersey. From the bars closing at 1:00 a.m. to the insane amount of Mormons boasting their multi-wived households, most situations were handled quite differently out West.

Walking by a stranger:

Utah: You are greeted with a wave and a smile, possibly even a “hey, how are you?’

New Jersey: Avoid eye contact. Power-walk swiftly away.

Winner: Utah

A taxi ride:

Utah: Flowing conversation with the driver, good laughs, and a desire to give a good tip.

New Jersey: Silence, fear of making a culturally offensive comment, forced to give a tip out of guilt and/or fear.

Winner: Utah

Sitting in a crowded restaurant:

Utah: Make conversation with the strangers you are forced to sit next to and exchange numbers to hit the bars together.

New Jersey: Quietly talk shit about the strangers you are forced to sit next to.

Winner: Utah

Hitting on girls:

Utah: While you probably won’t get laid, you’ll at least enjoy a good conversation.

New Jersey: Either a snobby bitch thinks you’re creepy or a massive slut sucks your dick in an alleyway.

Winner: New Jersey