Registration hell week has finally ended, but chances are you have been left in tears. As expected, the Spring 2013 semester wasn’t offering more than three of the classes you need for your major, and two of them already exceeded their max capacity.  You were thinking of knocking out your science gen ed with one of the many Astronomy classes, but nope, they were all taken instantly.  Luckily, there are still plenty of openings in some lesser-known classes.  Here are some great examples of credit-fillers you can take instead of anything relevant to your major!

SWRK 210 – Introduction to Gerontology: This school advertises the crap out of gerontology, but no one is completely positive what it is.  I’m pretty sure it has something to do with old people. Or maybe you’re getting introduced to someone named Gerry. Either way, it doesn’t sound too bad.

MUSI 126 – Ramapo Chorale: Discover your hidden singing talent! Or channel your inner William Hung.

POLI 360 – Conflict Resolution: That’s right, a whole class on conflict resolution. This course will fill all the gaps in the childhood education your parents should have given you when you were a little kid. Learn to play nicely with others and how to react when little Bobby asks to share your toys. For four whole credits!

LIBS 603 – The Search for Meaning : The search for meaning in what? I’m gonna assume it’s “The Search for the Meaning of the Title of this Class” because this could literally be anything.

SOSC 312 – Death and Dying: Take this if you really, really like being sad. The final project involves planning your own funeral; if you get any enjoyment out of this you may need to seek mental help.

SOSC 320 – Illness and Loss: Children Adolescent and Youth: Once again if you like being sad, but this time with children. Also for those of you who like classes with a lot of colons in the title.

LITR 312 – Comparative Feminist Theories: Ha! Just kidding. Never take that.

16 different one-credit Conditioning classes: Can you do that? You probably could, actually. You would be in such good shape. Think of all the valuable information you’d learn about Cardio Jazz Dancing!

Remember guys, there are plenty more that still have open spots. The ambiguous titles of many of these remaining classes may spark some intrigue, and I think that’s reason alone to join one. Ramapo will do all it can to keep you from graduating on time, so you might as well have some fun with registration!