Ramapo College offers a variety of scholarship and financial aid opportunities to its entering, undergraduate and graduate students. In an effort to continue pushing boundaries, Ramapo will now feature five new exciting annual scholarships, tailored to the needs of the students.


The Hoboken Visitational Scholarship, $500

-age 21 or older

-wish to complete experiential learning component in Hoboken on Friday or Saturday nights

-must have a B.A.C. over .30


The Ramapo Foundation 2.0 or Below Scholarship, $200

-this scholarship is for Freshmen who finish the 2011/2012 academic year with a G.P.A. under 2.0. It was a good try, and we believe you’ll do better next year.


Ramapo College Athletic Achievement Scholarship, $1,000

-just kidding, Ramapo doesn’t give money to athletes.


Chris Brown Music Merit Scholarship, $500

-studying music production

-loves domestic violence

-Juniors and Seniors only


Birch Tree Inn Fellowship of Law and Practices, $750

-studying law or social issues

-have experienced illness from dining at Birch

-please don’t sue us for using laxatives in the food…