Boonesboro, Kentucky

Big Lots, Inc, often stylized as BigLots or BIG!LOTS, is a department store known for its success in selling overstock merchandise. But lately, something else has been piling up around this Fortune 500 company.

That something is the Ku Klux Klan, or the KKK. Using the store’s parking lot as a moonlight meet up for their racist rallies, this group of white-robed bigots feel as though they’ve found themselves a home in BigLots.

Grand Wizard Pervis Graver comments, “I was shoppin’ here for planks of wood and rope one night. Then I done came out to the parking lot and saw that big, fancy, orange sign all lit up. At first I was like, man, I really hate orange, “cause it reminds me of Mexicans. But anyway, the sign was missin’ the middle letter.. just said BIG OTS. I don’t know what a big ots is, but for some reason I felt a connection to this place.”

Grand Wizard Pervis Graver would not say what the planks of wood and rope would be used for.

Graver did mention, however, that Imperial Klans of America, or IKA, a sub-division of the KKK, has similar plans to soon hold their night time meetings at the parking lots of IKEA, a Scandinavian home-products company.

*Big Lots, Inc and IKEA have no affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan or IKA.