Living on campus at Ramapo College has its ups and downs,
but one of the many ups that is strictly enforced by Residential Life is the
asylum-type atmosphere of bedrooms.

Ramapo strictly enforces its mental hospital-like bedrooms
by refusing students to hang up decorations of any sort, claiming “Our white
pasty walls give students a calm, relaxed feeling which allows them to focus on
their studies. Colorful posters
would not only distract from studying, but could also excite the students which
could cause noise disturbances, currently our second top priority (fun is
currently number one).

A top residential life employee comments, “Our staff did an
excellent job installing the brownish green rugs we received from an out of
business Howard Johnson, and the white cylinder blocks used in Linden ensure a
nice soothing draft at any time of the year.” Under no circumstances are team
jerseys, blankets, or any festive material allowed for decoration. “We looked at research from mental
institutions, and their patients really calm down because of their white walls,
so we figured our students wouldn’t mind paying upwards of $4000 a semester for
this same type of hospitality. We do allow students to choose one poster for
their room. However, this poster
cannot include bright colors, cannot express any sort of idea, nor have any
alcoholic reference. We are
allowed into our students’ rooms at any times to make sure we see 98% wall, and
$50 dollar fines are instituted if breaking these rules. If we happen to find a fabric of any
sort on the wall (except for the closet, rules do not apply for closets) a
$5000 fine can be implemented per day that it is not taken down. We strongly
advise students not to go home at any time because they could find $15000 on
their bill because of a Giants jersey on their wall. It cannot be stressed enough how bland our rooms must be.”

“We would also like to mention again that we may enter your room at any time, so you better not be naked!”

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