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August 14, 2012

Getting A’s the Easy Way: An Awesome and FREE New Book

The new campus fire starter, Cutting Corners: A Complete College Handbook For Getting A’s The Easy Way, is now available for free download on the Amazon Kindle this week.  The funny and controversial how-to guide is celebrating its climb to the top of the Amazon charts, where it hit #1 on the Top College Guides... MORE »

Article by Piliour
April 3, 2012

Tuition Translator

It’s getting to be that wonderful time of the year. Flowers are blooming. Finals aren’t quite here yet. And Rick Santorum is beginning to show his true colors (or hatred for people thereof). Ah, spring time. And of course, with spring comes a dreaded time for high school seniors, anxiously awaiting notice from a university... MORE »

Article by Jonfen
February 12, 2012

“I Got Sooo Drunk Last Night,” Report Nation’s Future Leaders

On Sunday morning, numerous first-hand accounts revealed that a substantial percentage of America’s soon-to-be luminaries were severely intoxicated and self-incapacitated on the preceding evening. “Man, I was fucked up last night,” said future New York State Senator David Adelsberg ’12, “This hangover is killing me!” “My futon is covered in puke,” added the future Congressman.... MORE »

Article by rkrieg
February 8, 2012

Five Successful Ways to Sit Alone

Sitting alone is an art attempted by many, mastered by few. The SSS (Solo Seat Selection) is a dilemma facing our generation of awkward texters everywhere! So how does one sit alone and not be eaten alive? How can you avoid the state of a lone, defenseless guppy in a sea filled with barracudas?! (Barracudas eat guppies, right?) Read... MORE »

Article by GnarlySkarz
February 3, 2012

Communications Student Visits Library for First Time

It was a miraculous day on Ramapo Campus when Brandon Walsh, a Senior Communications Arts Major, visited the library for the first time. “I couldn’t believe how many books were in there,” said Walsh in an interview. “I heard about libraries before, I had one in my elementary school, I guess I never really thought... MORE »

Article by Sdolph2
December 8, 2011

Douglas and Judith Krupp Library to hire library investigators to track down missing books

In the upcoming weeks students will be preparing for final exams and most of their time will be occupied in or around the Douglas and Judith Krupp library. The library has coincidentally noticed that many books from shelves are missing without having been taken out. A librarian intern who requested not to be named says... MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
November 13, 2011

Children Suck At Drawing: I Am Better Than Your Kids

Kids suck at most things. Whether it’s sports, video games, cooking, playing music, or performing quadruple bypass surgery, children are pretty incompetent at almost everything. In particular, kids are shitty artists, and New York Times bestselling author Maddox proves it in his anthology of horrible children’s drawings, I Am Better Than Your Kids.   I... MORE »

Article by Lia Woodward
October 6, 2011

Student discovered after being lost in Doheny book stacks for 20 years

In October of 1991, James Van Wells, a sophomore at the time, made a casual visit to the book stacks at Doheny library. He probably just wanted to lose himself in some book, but little did he know, things were about to get very literal. A week later, James had been missing for (you guessed it) a week, and... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
September 4, 2011

“Discussion” sections renamed “please, anybody say anything” sections

“For the love of God, someone try to answer this question,” goes the typical banter between 20 resiliently silent students and their desperate TA in the section I sat in on one warm Friday afternoon. “Say one. Word. Free associate. A single word that relates, in some way, to the assignment. You don’t even have... MORE »