30 minutes until class: 
Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. Why didn’t I start this paper two days ago?! It’s so friggin’ easy and now I’m stressing out 30 minutes before I gotta sprint over there from the Village. Def not getting out of the sweatpants I slept in for this BS class.

29 minutes until class:
Okay, where’s that syllabus? “Freudian Allegories in 1970s Media” cool alright. I’ve got notes on that. I can just expand on what the prof said in class.

28 minutes until class:
Crap crap crap. I left my bag in Overlook with my stupid notebook. Google search it is! The professor totally won’t notice. I’m a pretty good writer anyway.

25 minutes until class:
Open that in a tab, and that, and that, and that. And… hey! Jon texted me and wants to go grab food before his marketing class. I’m pretty much done anyway and bagel sandwiches don’t take THAT long…

10 minutes until class:
Whatabitch! I can’t believe that cashier wouldn’t let Jon use his girlfriend’s card. They’re pretty much inseparable anyway. Geez. Fuck, that took me way longer than I thought. Least the tabs are still open in Chrome.

9 minutes until class:
Fuck! You gotta pay to read this shit? All I get is some measly intro paragraph? Alright, I’m all stressed now. Better watch something funny to calm me back down. That YouTube video of Beyonce’s fan singing terribly will definitely make me feel better. It’s only like a minute.

5 minutes until class:
Shit. Okay. Fuck. That was funny and I had to watch it like 30 times. Gotta send that to Cheeser later. Okay, maybe this can be the one crappy one I turn in late. I can totally make up for it with the next test or whatever. I want to go back to sleep anyway.

4 minutes until class:
Yup, yup. Screw it. I’m going back to bed. Who gives a shit about Freud anyway and I’ll write the paper so much better after getting some real sleep. Those douchebags in the room above us kept stomping around all night. That’s why I can’t concentrate right now.

3 minutes until class:
Yeah even if I finished the paper right this second and sprinted to D-Wing I would still be late. I don’t want to be one of those guys walking in late, I’ll just say I got a fever or whatever. She’ll believe that. God, sleep is gonna feel awesome right now.

1 minute until class:
Yeah, Dave’s 8:30 was cancelled! We can totally finish the Halo campaign we paused last night. I wonder if he got food yet?