On Friday, it was announced that
Cornell received a $350 million dollar donation to help their bid for a tech
campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City. Cornell’s bid is now at $2 billion
dollars and they are now the front-runners to win this opportunity. What people
do not know is that there is a secret agenda behind this whole bid for the
campus. Cornell is going to attempt to take over the world, starting in New
York City, one of the biggest and most popular cities in the world. This idea
didn’t just come out of nowhere. It has actually been in motion for a couple of
years now.

plan started immediately after the Mars Rover, which was built using Cornell
technology, found images of aliens on Mars and they were actually able to
communicate with them. Professor of Astronomy at Cornell, Henry Edelson, was
quoted as saying, “We have made contact with the aliens, and in exchange for
information about us, they are sacrificing five of their own to help us out.”

this was announced, Cornellians, and people all around the world alike, had no
idea what he was talking about. Campus Basement was able to uncover some of the
top-secret documents linked to the NYC tech campus and now it is clear what he
was talking about.

is using this tech campus to clone aliens and to train them to destroy all
other Ivy League schools. With this cloning technology that is being developed,
the aliens will take over all other seven schools and Cornell students will be
duplicated to take over the investment banking and financial service jobs in
New York City that will be open due to the elimination of the other Ivies.

is a legitimate plan and shows that Cornell will no longer be considered
inferior to anyone. Stanford dropped out of the race because of an agreement with
Cornell that they would not be harmed or destroyed by the aliens. President
Skorton is trying to take over the world through Cornell, but he will do it the
unconventional way of cloning aliens and befriending them.

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