This past weekend Cornell University
hosted the Annual Eastern Seaboard Quantum Physics Consortium. The event, attended
by  hundreds of physicists studying Quantum Mechanics and Astro-Physics, was the stage of a shocking revelation.

his opening remarks, Professor Steve Holtz declared to a crowd of 700 that most
of Quantum Mechanics is “make believe”. 
 Holtz, who graduated from Cornell in 1967 with a degree
in physics, told the audience he may have well majored in “dreams or imagination”. 
When asked by
several reporters why most of Quantum Mechanics is “Make believe”, Professor
Holtz stated that physics is “kinda hard” and that “its easier to put on a lab
coat and make things up rather then doing actual research”. Professor Holtz
later told the audience that “research takes a very long time” and
“angry birds is way more fun”.
When asked about his nobel prize winning article
“Hadron Collider Ion Manipulation” , Holtz stated that the only reason he went
through with the experiment was because he thoroughly enjoyed watching “shiny lights”.